Volunteer with Zero Waste

It’s that time of year! The North Country Fair will be recruiting volunteers to assist us in reducing landfill waste at the next Fair on the Arcata plaza. We began tracking the amount of landfill waste back in 2011, measuring a whopping 2,340 lbs! Since then, through trial, error, headaches and some of the best volunteers we could ever ask for, we were able to able to get our landfill weight down to 180 lbs in 2019. To put it in perspective, that means that 92% of our total waste generated by the Fair was avoided (because people brought their own cups/bowls/utensils), composted (thanks to our Local Worm Guy), or recycled courtesy of Recology.

As we move towards a completely Zero Waste Fair, we continue to rely on our volunteers who devote their time to help our cause. We ask that you join us to be part of the solution! Volunteer shifts are 2-3 hours and consist of monitoring waste diversion stations and assisting the public in placing things into the correct bin. The Fair falls on September 18 & 19, 2021. Please sign up and share with family and friends!


Questions? Contact the Zero Waste Crew at NCFzerowastecrew@gmail.com.

We’re seeking non-profit groups to join our volunteer efforts this year. Bring together 5-10 volunteers OR cover 15-30 hours of volunteer shifts and your non-profit group will qualify for a $75-150 donation! Please contact Emma at NCFzerowastecrew@gmail.com to confirm your participation and use the link to sign up for shifts!