All are invited to join in the weekend parade action!

They both start at the corner of G and 7th Streets at 1pm.

All Species Parade – Saturday at 1pm 

Music and Dance to keep the spirit of biodiversity alive!

Click photo above to see more pictures of the All Species Parade, courtesy of the Northcoast Environmental Center.

To participate in this year’s parade, meet in the Tri-Counties bank parking lot at 12:30pm on Saturday, September 16. Bring a costume, mask, make-up, sign, banner, or some other way to celebrate! Bring friends, family, or co-workers. Local groups can match in the same species to represent their organization. Make a mask or costume pieces at our free upcycled craft zone, located at the corner of 8th and G Sts.

NEC staff will be present and at 1pm will lead the parade in a march around the Arcata Plaza.

Mask-Making and Creature-Making Workshops
A free workshop will be held at the Sanctuary on Friday, September 8th, during Arts! Arcata to make masks and costumes. Come by that evening from 6-8pm with whatever supplies you have and a species in mind! An artists will be available to help you bring your vision to life!

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Samba Parade – Sunday at 1pm

Click photo above to see more pictures from the fair!