The Endangered Art Show

The Northcoast Environmental Center Presents: The Endangered Species Art Show

The Endangered Species Act is fundamental in protecting biodiversity and saving species that would otherwise be lost and gone forever. To help promote its importance and significance, The Northcoast Environmental Center is hosting its first ever Endangered Species Art Show at the North County Fair this year on September 16-17, 2017.

In order to make this art show a success the NEC needs you to tell Washington D.C. why the Endangered Species Act matters, though art!

We  would like to invite all to showcase their creativity and support for all endangered species by taking part in this wonderful exhibition.

Art will be displayed at the NEC’s booth during the North Country Fair, posted on our website, and to our social media.Artists can choose to donate their art or pick it up after the North Country Fair. Donated art will be entered into a silent auction that will help cover postage costs for mailing to President Trump, and other NEC programs.

All you have to do to enter is drop-off or send  the NEC a painting, drawing, or other art piece illustrating an endangered species in the United States.  Be sure to include your: name, age, title of art piece, email, address, phone number, and whether or not you would like to donate your art piece. If you wish, you could also include a letter describing why the Endangered Species Act matters, and what that particular species means to you.

GUIDELINES: Art can be sculptures, paintings, or any other medium. 2-D artwork should be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″ and 3-D artwork should be no bigger than 12″ x 12″.


                    Drop-off at NEC Office:              Or             NEC’s Mailing Address:                

                   415 I St,  Arcata, CA                          P.O. Box 4259, Arcata, CA 95518        

                   Monday- Thursday


For more information please contact:


NEC’s Office: (707)-822-6918   Email:

or Visit: